Our lawn maintenance services include: mowing at the appropriate height for the season, trimming around the edges and obstacles of your yard, and blowing off of all walkways. We use professional-grade mowers and sharpen our blades regularly to ensure every cut meets or exceeds our customer's expectations. 

Weekly mowing - $35/cut

Biweekly mowing - $45/cut

Weekly mowing is recommended for most lawns, especially if you have an irrigation system, fertilize your lawn regularly, or have newer sod. Bagging and removal of clippings is included when needed (depending on the individual lawn and weather conditions - or your preference). All lawns are mowed at approximately 2.5-3.0 inches (6-8 cm) unless otherwise requested. Our lawn mowing service typically begins in early or mid May and ends around the end of September depending on the weather

Prices shown are based on an average sized property and do not include GST. Lawn maintenance services are billed monthly by email. Payment is accepted by credit card through the online invoice, cash, cheque, or E-transfer.

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Year-round property maintenance services available, contact us for an exact quote.

We currently only service Northwest Calgary.