Our service includes guaranteed removal of any snowfall 1cm or greater within 24 hours. For heavy continuous snowfalls we will service your property once every 24 hours. Our service begins as early as 3am and we change the directions of our routes to ensure every customer receives early morning service sometimes. Snow blowers are used in accordance with City of Calgary noise bylaws. Salt is provided free of charge.

Prices displayed below are based on a seasonal contract (5 or more months). To receive a quote for month-to-month and short term snow removal please contact us.

Sidewalk and walkway to front door:                                $99/month

Sidewalk, walkway, and average (1-2 car) driveway:        $129/month

Sidewalk, walkway, and oversize (3+ car) driveway:        $139 and up  

Corner lot:                                                                            add $20

Snow removal services only offered to specific communities within NW Calgary. Prices shown do not include GST. Snow removal services are billed on the first of each month with payment accepted in cash, cheque, credit card, or E-transfer.

Year-round property maintenance services available, contact us for a free quote.